Best Online Bookmakers in 2023: Compare Sports Betting Sites

Online Bookmakers list of the best bookies for sports betting, with a full review, bonuses and real players’ reviews. On the best betting sites, you can take a closer look at the betting market and learn more about the activity of today’s best online bookmakers. Especially for you, we have made up the rating of the top bookmakers that are distinguished by reliability, credibility and excellent service.
The modern betting market is, first of all, online bookmakers. Bookmakers has come a long way from the first ground stations to full-fledged betting sites. The Internet has provided bookmakers with more leeway, and players with a simplified way to bet.

Recommended List of the Best Bookmakers of 2023

Rank BOOKMAKERS Bonus Rating Site
1 €130GET BONUS SiteReview
2 melbet review €130GET BONUS SiteReview
3 €10GET BONUS SiteReview
4 £30GET BONUS SiteReview
5 10Bet €100GET BONUS SiteReview
6 Sportsbet io review €30GET BONUS SiteReview
7 Coral UK £30T & C Apply SiteReview

In order to go to the websites of bookmakers, just click on the company logo or on the button «SITE».

Online Bookmakers: What are they doing?

The betting market is a large area, which consists of several components. This list includes:

In terms of total revenue lotteries and online bookmakers do not pay up as much as casinos do. However, due to restrictive laws it is more difficult for casinos to exist on the market in comparison with bookmakers. So, bookmakers and gambling establishments have begun to unite.

A modern online bookmakers is not only a website where you can register and bet on sports. Each bookmaker offers players additional services: casinos, lotteries, slots, online games, etc. All this is very important for betting shops, since bets on the offline betting market take only the third place in terms of popularity. Online the situation is different. Of all the companies that provide online gambling services, bookies have the highest income which is 48% of the market.

Modern bookmakers are oriented to work online. For a bookmaker, the Internet is the best promotion tool at the moment. Betting shops, unlike casinos, do not fall under strict legislative control, and thus, dominate the online segment. Bookmakers who do not yet have their platform on the Internet, unite with online casinos and come out on their sites. Often, such cooperation becomes mutually beneficial.
In the gambling market (not to be confused with betting), bookmakers also occupy leading positions.

Every year, the online bookmakers income level rises by 7-9%. The rest of gambling establishments increase the income by no more than 4%!

Despite the popularity of the Internet, many companies do not close offline betting stations on the ground, because a lot of money passes through them too. Older players do not always trust the Network and prefer making bets in a safe and proven way — through a cashier.

Interestingly! British experts have learned that the most profitable region for bookmakers now is Asia. Moreover, there the lion’s share of the company’s income is received from offline betting stations on the ground. Half of the sportsbook revenue comes from Asia. However, the situation may change in the future.

The authorities of many Asian countries are constantly tightening anti-corruption laws, under which bookmakers, gambling and cryptocurrency fall.

In terms of betting, the most popular is sportsbook. Of the total bets, 43% is accounted for football. Tennis takes up the second place. Basketball closes the top 3. Volleyball and hockey are also among the five most popular sports for bettors. Recently there are even more bets on football, and less on all other sports.

How we rate the best online bookmakers?

Rule 1. Experts point out that there is no ideal Online Bookmakers. But on our website, you can learn general concepts that indicate whether a particular bookmaker is trustworthy or not. One of the most important concepts is reliability. This area includes many factors, the main one is the license.
Importantly! When choosing a Online Bookmakers, you should always check its license. This information should be located on the company’s website.
The bookmaker’s reputation is also crucial. A reliable Online Bookmakers is a sponsor of sports teams, it works in Europe, Asia and Africa, and is discussed by players on different forums. However, advertising does not always speak in favor of a betting shop. Players’ reviews and a license are the foremost factors in choosing a company!

Rule 2. The action line and odds are important for each player. In this case, there are no specific rules for choosing a Online Bookmakers. Users themselves choose a bookmaker that offers, in their opinion, the best options for earnings. Now it is difficult to distinguish one betting shop according to these parameters. Almost all the bookies offer more than 20 sports and a lot of options for the bets.
Importantly! Experts advise to pay attention to the bookies for professionals. Online Bookmakers of this type have poor action lines, but higher odds. In addition, they do not «cut down» the maximum winnings.

Rule 3. When choosing a bookie, it is important to understand its options for depositing and withdrawing funds. Modern online bookmakers offer many ways to deposit money into an account, but it is harder to withdraw the money. A bettor needs to go to the company’s website and consider all available options for operations with finances. Virtually every reliable
online bookmakers is international. So, a player should have an international bank card — Visa or MasterCard.
Importantly! Withdrawing money, which is won, to the card is not the fastest, but the safest option.

Rule 4. If a player makes bets online, it is important that the bookie should have mobile apps. Such applications simplify the lives of users who can make bets on their smartphones or tablets. But in this case it is important to clarify whether the company’s application supports the mobile device operating system the player needs. Most apps are usually developed for the Android and iOS systems. You can fully use a bookmaker’s site via mobile applications.

Rule 5. The last rule includes several common factors. Firstly, a player when choosing a bookie needs to check its support service. It is important that the staff of the online bookmakers should give detailed responses and treat their customers with respect. It is even more important that consultants should quickly respond to requests for help.
Secondly, a player should go through the site of the online bookmakers. Design is more a matter of taste. It is more crucial that the site should work well, be comprehensive and user-friendly, and it should quickly respond to the player’s actions. The player should also make sure that the needed language is available.

We recommend bookmakers:

What Makes up a Legitimate Online Bookmaker?

Did you learn from your mistakes? This is the biggest questions you should be asking yourself. There are key elements you should take time to learn about. Make sure that you have studied the Online Bookmaker you intend to be part of and be sure to check on their terms and conditions, as well as, reviews that might have been left by previous users on the portal.

First off, you need to find out whether the online bookmaker supports live betting. This is the latest technology in the industry and you need to be in a portal that supports it. This is not necessary but it is always good to have a look at a portal that evolves with the technology that is being used in the current gambling arena.

Does the portal support major events, such as the premier leagues, and the world-cup? Most of the sportsbooks we have around will support these but you need to know whether they have the best odds around. As your online bookmaker reviewer, we aim at making sure that you have the right sportsbook, with precise and comprehensive odds. We all know that the secret to smart betting is having well analyzed odds, with this; you will be in position to have great knowledge on what to bet on.

Is it Important to Look at the Software Running the Portal?

Absolutely, make sure that the brand is run by software that is renowned in operations regarding online bookmaker. Being in the industry for a considerable period, we are able to evaluate the capabilities of the software running a bookmaker we review. We will always try out the software, sign up and have a comprehensive study of its operations and tell you what to expect.

Sports betting needs to be conducted on a portal that is safe, and one where odds are offered in an unbiased way. This is only possible with high-end encryption software which will guarantee safety to your data, as well as, your money which you intend to bet with.

What Public Relations Qualities Should a Sports Betting Portal Have?

As we thrive to be one of most legitimate online bookmakers reviewer in the betting industry, we aim at looking how bettors are being handled in the portals. We will be sure to include this in the reviews we come up with so you know what to expect. Overall, we will never waste time reviewing portals that have had bad record, but we also don’t assure for a walk in the park. Don’t you worry though since we will have our eyes wide open to inform you of events as they unfold.

You should be treated with the best hospitality, have a customer support team that is keen on serving you on every detail. Answer your questions, as you need them to every time you seek for their assistance.

Top Sports Betting Sites

We believe that your personal taste, insight and the level of information matters the most. You can choose from our recommend online bookmakers which suits your personality and can provide you with the required information. Our portal provide unbiased reviews of what we believe are the best online bookmakers in the industry.

Thanks to the online bookmakers, you can place bets and receive your winnings wherever you have a connection. This also creates a situation where you can watch sporting events from all over the world to see how your online betting turn out without needing television coverage. Since people usually just want to bet on games and matches that they can watch, this means that there are more opportunities than ever to get in on the action and find bets where you think you can get an edge.

Bookmakers Bonuses: is the more always the better?

Additional terms are always attractive. But in most cases they are suitable only for a certain group of players. Almost all bookmakers have bonuses and promotions for customers. However, they are not suitable for everyone.

Very often it is possible to claim bonuses only if you have completed certain conditions.

To receive a bonus, a bookie may require a player to make several four-fold bets of a certain amount. Such conditions are acceptable only for those who tend to bet this way. For cautious users, this is still a risk.
Big bonuses are really provided and paid out in each reliable online bookmakers. But getting additional money from a bookmaker is difficult, and winning money is even more difficult.

Check out! Only professional players who make bets every day can hope for big bonuses. These programmes are designed for them. For beginners, the most profitable bonus is for registration. Many companies give new customers a certain amount when making the first deposit.

Loyalty programmes are also designed for active players. A online bookmakers really provides bonuses, and sometimes even free bets to its regular customers. But for this you need to play often and not with minimal amounts with low odds. For professionals and «advanced» users it is beneficial, but it is not for newcomers. Experienced players know exactly how much to bet, when and at what event. Based on this, at the end of each month they reach a bonus. Beginner bettors may be tempted by large bonuses, but before that they need to make a lot of bets, most of which they will lose due to inexperience.

Importantly! The number of bonuses and their amounts are other indicators of reliability of a online bookmakers. Even professionals do not bank on too high and visually attractive amounts. Often, large bonuses are offered by young bookmakers which have just appeared on the market. But you had better not count on their reliability in this regard.

You need to trust only the company that has been operating in its segment for a long time. A user of some online bookmakers should choose bonuses only on the basis of their game. If a few combo bets a day are standard for a player, then there are no risks for them. If a user bets once a week or even less often — it is better not to strive for bonuses. The player in pursuit of a certain free amount can lose much more.

Reviews of bookmakers

Choosing a online bookmakers is not as easy as it might seem. One of the main goals of our site is to help a bettor make a right choice of a bookie where they can not only make bets and win, but also have fun and be satisfied with the service. We believe that players’ reviews are one of the most important factors when choosing a online bookmakers.

Check out! On our site everyone can read reviews on online bookmakers. Other bettors’ comments should be read since they can provide insight about some company which a player would like to choose.

But you should treat reviews carefully. Betting is the industry where people lose money more often than win it. As a result, one and the same bookie cannot have only positive feedback. If all the players only praise some online bookmakers, there is a chance that these commentaries are framed-up. A bettor may not like anything at any, even the most popular online bookmakers.

Most of all reviews can be helpful to beginner bettors who are looking for the best bookie.

It is important to read both positive and negative feedback. Players often pay attention to the negative one. Users should know if there is criticism on the online bookmakers they might have already liked. At the same time, it is not necessary to share the position of the commentator – everyone has their own point of view.

In the reviews, first of all you need to pay attention to products of a online bookmakers. Players often speak about the action line width, the odds levels, if the site is user-friendly and the availability of mobile applications. Much attention is also paid to the activities of the company’s financial services. In their feedback, players can tell how quickly the bookmaker pays the winnings and whether it fully pays them out. In addition, comments often discuss the work of support service specialists.

Players tell if the advisers have helped them, how qualified, polite and patient they are.
Positive reviews about online bookmakers most often relate to the usefulness of the technical support, payments speed and the action line width. Players most often criticize technical problems on the sites, error bets refund and if companies treat their players unfairly.

There are 3 situations when a player can complain of a online bookmakers.

  1. If a bookie violates its own rules. This does not happen frequently, but there are cases when the security service blocks a user account without giving a reason. In disputable situations company representatives usually send the player a detailed response in which they confirm their actions with one or several points from the rules. If the online bookmakers have not backed up its actions with evidence, this is the reason to file a complaint.
  2. You can also complaint of a bookie if it does not pay out the winnings deliberately. Most often it happens with great amounts. Not to pay out the money, a online bookmakers may refer to the fact that the event was negotiable. But in this case, a bookmaker must, at least, return the full amount of the bet to the player. If a user has not found any confirmation of the negotiable result of the event with the winning bet, they can complain.
  3. There are cases when a online bookmakers cancels the winning bet. The bet amount is returned to the player, but the winning amount is not paid out. In this case the bookie claims that it does not have accurate data on the outcome of the event. But if a player can find this information on several sites of sports statistics, then the company can also do it. This means that the bookie does not pay out money on intentionally. This is also the reason to complain about the online bookmakers, because in most of these cases we are talking about large amounts of winnings.

Online Bookmakers are Perfect for All Types of Bets

If you are the type of player who just wants to sit back and get an extra thrill out of online betting on your favorite team, then online bookmakers are perfect for that. You’ll be able to compare betting lines and get some of the best deals around instead of having to settle for whatever the local lines are, and this means that you win more when you win, and you lose less when you lose.

On the other hand, if you want to try to gain an advantage against the markets and make money over the long run, then betting with online bookmakers is an absolute must. You’ll get the best deals, and you’ll be able to do in-depth research all at the same time as we are constantly updating our portal with the latest news and bonus updates. Overall, using online bookmakers is necessary if you want to come out on top.

Solving disputable issues with bookies

There are several ways to resolve a dispute with a bookmaker. It is best to solve the situation with the bookmaker’s customer support. Most often, this method helpful when there is an error due to technical failure. You can also solve the situation where there was a mistake made by the cashier that registered your bet in offline mode.

Check out! If a player cannot find a middle ground with the online bookmakers security service, it is worth making out a written complaint about the bookie. You need to send the document to the services that monitor the activities of the gambling business. The complaint can also be sent to the customer service.

It is advised to beware of intermediaries, including lawyers, who solve disputes with bookmakers on a paid basis. Often these services are expensive, and no one guarantees the player a 100% positive result. With complaints about the company it is best to contact the relevant authority directly. Such complaints are usually written arbitrarily, but it is important to write down only truthful information. You should attach photographed checks, rates and closed accounts as a proof.

Conclusion of Best Online Bookmakers

In our article we have tried to tell about the key points when choosing a online bookmakers. We are well aware that it is simply impossible c to point out and tell about all the nuances in this matter, but we have still tried to answer the main questions.

As it has already been mentioned in the article, the main purpose of creating this project is to assist a player in choosing a online bookmakers. At the same time, we are well aware that the best online bookmakers rating which we suggest may differ significantly from the list that you may have seen on other thematic sites. What does a player have to do and who to trust in such a situation? The answer to this question is obvious.

If you see a little-known bookmaker with an overestimated rating, this is already a reason to think whether the online bookmaker has fairly and won the first places in the rating. The list itself may differ, but the top online bookmakers will always occupy leading positions based on their reliability, trustworthiness and credibility.

If you have any questions, you can write them in the comments or send to our mail. We will try to help you. We wish you sports luck!